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Explore the power of words and the magic of storytelling in the fascinating world of screenwriting! Join us for an extraordinary webinar that will unlock the secrets of the art of storytelling. Did you know that every story is like a journey, and every screenplay is the map of this unknown world? "Writing is a journey; you start in one place and end up in another, a place you've never been before." - Stephen King. Join us to discover the secrets of creating characters, developing plots, and evoking emotions that touch souls.

Enroll now and open yourself up to new possibilities!

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As an instructor, my great passion and mission are to share knowledge. In the screenwriting (storytelling) course, I impart knowledge acquired over 13 years of work as a creator of various digital, television, music video, and other short-form media. In this course, you will learn storytelling that is perfectly suited for short formats and precisely portrays multi-layered characters and stories. You will also discover whether a cliffhanger is always the right ending.

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